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What Others are Saying...

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    Jenna Jan 19, 2020

    I feel cold easier than my family, so I got this mini portable electric heater to give me a little extra warmth. I needed something small and easy and this works great. Right out of the box!

  • avatar icon
    Doreen Jan 18, 2020

    Love it! It's so cute and it works great. Definitely a power little heater. Love how easy is it to use. It will be a warm winter at my house

  • avatar icon
    Bennet Jan 17, 2020

    Nice little space heater you can change the temperature of the air coming out of it. In the dark the fireplace look is a nice touch and adds to the atmosphere

  • avatar icon
    Normand Jan 16, 2020

    Heats my room very fast working perfectly fine. It is exactly as the flame effect is really cool.

  • avatar icon
    Marchelle Jan 15, 2020

    Being able to plug it in below my desk helps me to avoid breathing in all that dry air that comes with using one of those other space heaters that you put on top of the desk

Heat Your Home for a Fraction of the Usual Costs, Thanks to This Invention

Video of HeatSave - Portable Heater in action:

  • Thermo-ceramic design & energy efficient
  • Compact and great for travel
  • Digitally-controlled temperature settings
  • Quick and easy heat, ultra quiet operation mode