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What Others are Saying...

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    Tammie Jan 19, 2020

    I’ve been using these for approximately 2 hours straight, right out of the box. I had the set working in 30 seconds. The range is pretty good

  • avatar icon
    Barbar Jan 18, 2020

    Very comfortable and completely value for money. I purchased these after reading many of the reviews

  • avatar icon
    Twila Jan 17, 2020

    Haven't had an issue with battery life and charges pretty fast. Connected really easily to my iPhone 6s and does not get skippy.

  • avatar icon
    Buddy Jan 16, 2020

    I love these headphones! They are perfect, loud, I don't even feel them they are so light weight, but they aren't flimsy if that makes sense.

  • avatar icon
    Johnette Jan 15, 2020

    Brilliant form quality. Doesn't feel shabby like a portion of the financial plan Bluetooth headphones I've possessed.

Integrated next generation Bluetooth 4.2 delivers crystal clear audio! Complete stereo sound even when answering calls. Sleek design delivers maximum security and comfort. Ultra lightweight and easy to use.

EchoBeat 7

Video of EchoBeat - Wireless 3D Sound in action:

  • High Sound Quality
  • Portable Charging
  • Ergonomic Design
  • iOs & Android

EchoBeat 7