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proABS - EMS Abdominal Muscle Toner

  • Muscle Toning & Fat Burning
  • Effortless & Powerful & Efficient
  • Compact & USB Charged
  • Proven Results by Fitness Experts

We can make that dream come true, without extra effort or visiting the gym, by a device already that is used by top athletes to stay fit and to keep good shape easily.

  • Invisible and stealthy gym
  • Gives you muscle mass while living your normal life

  • Faster than any diet or gym
  • Simply apply it to abs and arms and let it do its magic

  • A healthier body and stronger muscles
  • It burns fat while strengthening your muscles and boosting your energy as well

  • Stable and safe
  • Simple to use, with 4 easy programs. All ages above 18 years old can use it